When to Scarify the Lawn?

More and more people are having a lawn sown or opting for turf. Installing a lawn brings several benefits. For one thing, it brings more green into the backyard, and it can also provide more space for fun. After all, children and pets love to play on a lawn. The lawn is often used, and this means that the lawn also deteriorates quickly. The lawn can quickly develop bald spots due to children playing, and drought can cause it to discolour. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the lawn properly; otherwise it will quickly look unsightly. Many people think that maintenance consists only of watering the lawn. It is indeed a part of maintenance, but there are many other things involved.

When to scarify the lawn is also something you need to think about and is an important part of maintenance. This is because it allows you to remove the thatch layer from the grass. A thatch layer prevents the grass from absorbing sunlight or water. As a result, the grass can no longer grow and this is a big problem. The grass slowly dies, causing the entire lawn to discolour. What is the other maintenance you need to perform? In this article, we will go into this in detail, so you can find out all about it.

Sowing a lawn

Sowing a lawn is also very important in lawn maintenance. This involves sowing grass seeds in the lawn. This maintenance can ensure that the lawn gets more volume and also that bald spots disappear. It is very important to sow only between February and October. This is because grass seeds can only germinate at a temperature of 10 degrees or more. It is also important to buy high-quality grass seeds. High-quality grass seeds can germinate a lot faster, and this ensures a nicer result.

Feeding the lawn

Besides sowing the lawn and scarifying the lawn, it is important to fertilise the lawn. With quality fertilisation, it is possible to give the lawn more nutrients. With the right nutrients, the grass can develop a lot better and this also creates a beautiful look. The fertiliser, grass seeds and moss killer, can easily be ordered on the internet. Here it is important to buy it only from a reliable provider, so you can be assured of high quality. Look at the reviews of the provider for more information.