4 Easiest Way to Eliminate Water Spots on Car Windshields

During the rainy season, many people complain about the car’s windshield being hit by this water spot. The reason is that rainwater that sticks to the windshield is then not immediately cleaned. In addition to influencing the appearance of the windshield, the water spot also affects the safety of the passenger or driver in the car because it affects vision and visibility.

If the windshield already has a water spot that appears like a crust it should be removed immediately so as not to disturb your trip. Therefore, if any problem hits your car windshield, you should take your car to the windshield replacement mesa as soon as possible.

Check out how to remove the water spot on the windshield that is easy to do as follows:

#1. Soda water

Refreshing soda water and carbonation can not only be used as a thirst release but also very useful for removing water spots on the windshield. To be able to remove the crust of water on the windshield was very easy, that is, prepare soda water and a soft dry cloth as much as two pieces. Dampen the cloth using soda water, rub it into the windshield that has the water spot until it is completely clean, the remnants of water in the windshield must be immediately dried using the other soft dry cloth so that the dirt or the remnants of soda water it does not re-stick to the windshield.

#2. Toothpaste

Besides being able to be used to clean dirty teeth, toothpaste is believed to be used for beauty, one of which is to redden the lips naturally. Interestingly again, toothpaste can also be used as a water spot remover that is on the windshield. The trick is very easy, you have to clean the windshield first so that there is no dust or dirt on the windshield. Moisten a soft cloth and squeeze a little water so that the condition is not too wet. Brush toothpaste on a cloth then rubs it against the windshield that has a spot of water. When rubbing it should be with a little pressure and repeat until the windshield is completely clean. So that there is no residual toothpaste stuck to the windshield of the car immediately clean the windshield using water then dry using a dry cloth.

#3. Spot Remover

How to remove the water spot on the windshield next thing you can do is you can use a spot remover or stain removal liquid. The price of this spot remover also varies. Before cleaning the windshield with a spot remover, it’s a good idea to read the indicators first so that cleaning can be done to the maximum and not cause harm due to incorrect use.

Spot remover can function optimally if the windshield is wet, so you have to wet the windshield with water first. You can rub the cleaning liquid on the corner of the windshield first in order to test whether the liquid is safe for the … Read More..